Hercegovina, surrounded by white stones and washed by mediterranean sun is one of the latest oasis of the Old Continent where you can escape from everyday life or have a break and enjoy in the fresh air. No metter which way do you take to come here, you will always be met by magnificant genuine nature and hospitable people.

Hercegovina is, without any doubt, the latest secret of Europe and Trebinje one of the places which offers you during the whole year ideal conditions for active holiday and pleasure.

During its history, due to very specific geo-strategic position it was always a kind of crossroad where east and west meets each other. With one eye on Mostar and other on Dubrovnik. But it succeeds to keep its autonomy for more than 1000 years and also urban spirit.

The zenith of power and gloss was 13th century when in the books it was described as Little Venice. The reason for this is dozens wooden bridges over the river. And the fact that it was developing on both sides of river.

At the end the 19th century it begins to take first signs of European culture. Today it fights to be again part of European heritage.



Hercegovački put vina